six sigma

Examination Tips

Six Sigma Certification is important for those aspiring to advance their career in the quality management sector and who want to implement Six Sigma Methodologies in their organisation to make the projects successful.

However the most daunting part of many of us doing such a course, is preparing ourselves both mentally and physically for the exam.

Here are some essential tips we at Lean Ireland have put together for you…



Check out the exact location of your exam venue on Google Maps. Know exactly where it is and how long it is expected to take you to get there.

Make sure you understand the nature of the examination in terms of how it will be conducted, and what you can and cannot bring to the exam with you.

Check out restrictions regarding text books, sample questions sheets and calculators. Most examinations will not allow any devices that can connect to the internet.

Ensure all your notes, prompt cards and text books are clearly annotated with your subject headings. Use coloured markers to highlight key topics and formulae. Only ring bound or spine bound notes are allowed. Stapled notes and index cards are NOT allowed.



Arrive in plenty of time to register, at least 40 minutes in advance of the start time.

Be prepared for strict security inspections regarding before being granted access into the exam room.



Acknowledge that you will not know the answer to every question on the paper. Be comfortable in that knowledge.

Develop an examination timing plan, like the one below.


Breathe into your abdomen three times, slowly. Do not look up notes in the last few minutes. Breathe.



Read through each question individually, slowly and carefully. When answering, keep referring back to the question to ensure you are on the right track.

Skip the question if the answer is not obvious, and move on to the next one. Do not worry if you don’t know the answer. Sometimes a later question will prompt an answer an earlier one.

Following first pass completion of the questions go back re-read the unanswered questions slowly and carefully.

The best of luck!


A more complete guideline listing of tips for the online ASQ examinations, is available by clicking the button below.


Lean Ireland’s Privacy Policy

Let’s be honest, we are all pretty fatigued after the dozens of emails that landed in our inbox last month ahead of the implementation of GDPR on May 25th. On top of those requests for consent, companies now need to have a pop-up cookie consent banner on their website and a privacy policy in place, whilst also reanalysing how they store, share and protect their all data.


The important thing is that GDPR should now make things more transparent for residents of the EU. The new law gives the public the right to specify how they want their data used. That means EU residents can say, “Yes you can collect my data, but don’t use it to customise ads for me.”

Lean Ireland’s Privacy Policy

I think most of us were pretty amazed at how many mailing lists we were attached to when receiving such an unusual number of emails last month. However it was quite empowering and almost felt like a cleansing when I got to unsubscribe to so many mailing lists that I don’t recall subscribing to or that are simply not relevant in my life anymore.


It’s important that our clients and customers know that Lean Ireland doesn’t give or sell your personal data to third parties. We do use data to give you the best experience with us, only to ensure information we share is timely, relevant and useful. For example in a few weeks, our marketing team will go into the stats on our website regarding this blog to see how many people read it. We can then make a decision if future similar blogs are of interest or not.


Regardless of GDPR, our main form of communication in getting our message out there is still through our mailing list which has quite a high number of subscribers. I still believe that email is a great fast and efficient way to get your message across. We do take great pride in keeping our emails to just three short snappy points as we respect your time and know how busy life can be. When you subscribe to our monthly emails, the only data we collect is your name and email address. And like most emails, there is always a simple unsubscribe button at the end of each newsletter that we send out.


If you do want to make contact with us just head to our secure website


The information we collect in your query is used only for the purposes of responding via email or telephone, to your direct query. The information is not used for any other purpose, and is not shared with any third party.


Don’t forget you can also request copies of all the data a company has collected about you and ask them to delete this data. The fines for a company who break this law are quite hefty with up to 40 million euros or 2 percent of the company’s annual global revenue as the recommended fine – whichever is higher.


Now with all that serious information out of the way, it’s time to go back outside and enjoy the few rays of sunshine this summer.