Supply Chain

Development of a lean supply chain for your organisation is a vital step in improving product and service delivery to customers. As a former Dell employee with a first class honours master’s degree in supply chain management, Bernie Rushe of Lean Ireland is well qualified to analyse your organisation’s supply chain issues.


Our “7 Keys to Supply Chain Success” interactive workshop series is designed to strengthen your supply chain effectiveness, and can be facilitated on a modular basis, to allow for change implementation and evaluation between modules.

The programme is aimed at assisting senior and middle managers to understand the fundamentals of best practice in supply chain management.

The workshops enable participants to make decisions which lead to shorter customer service cycle times, improved supplier performance, reduction in inventory write off, reduction in inventory levels and of course marked improvement in customer satisfaction.

The workshops also enable candidates to work effectively in cross functional supply chain improvement teams.

Programme Modules

1. Scan the environment
2. Partner with the customer
3. Partner with the supplier
4. Reduce lead times by implementing pull systems
5. Educate and train the workforce
6. Use IT as an enabler
7. Outsource non-core activities