Data Analysis

Data analysis, Data Interpretation and Report Writing

Data analysis Minitab JMP

Lean Ireland offers a comprehensive lean six sigma data analysis service to clients. Our data analysts will assist you with:

  • data review and analysis
  • data representation
  • interpretation of statistical results, and
  • report writing.

All client data is held in the strictest confidence, and we sign confidentiality agreements with all clients in advance of receiving any data files for analysis. Our data analysis service is available online.

Metrics dashboard

We provide guidance on

  • Key process to measure
  • Measurement method
  • Spreadsheet/database construction
  • dashboard elements
  • PowerBI dashboard construction

Additional Data Review Services

We also provide guidance on

  • data collection methods
  • validating the measurement system
  • key process variables to measure
  • establishing visual management methods
  • identifying control points and designing control plans
  • Applied training (i.e. with relevant data sets) in Excel, Minitab and JMP at all levels.

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