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Learning Videos

“Learning is not compulsory… neither is survival”

W. Edwards Demming (business advisor and author, 1900-1993)

Below listed are some videos that we have found of particular value in assisting with a lean six sigma journey. Click on each image to access source material. Enjoy!

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Six Sigma – Which Standard Is Right For You?

With so many six sigma certification standards in the marketplace, developing a six sigma programme can be challenging. Here’s a clear compass to guide you through effective six sigma programme development and implementation.


Process Performance Measurements

Do you believe your process yield is 98% or better? Perhaps you need to think again? This short video on process performance measurement introduces Rolled Throughput Yield as a true measure of process performance.


What’s your problem?

The problem definition is the cornerstone of any process improvement project. Do you understand how the process problem is affecting your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders?

Data Analysis 3: Pareto charts

Ever wonder what the 80 20 rule actually means? Here’s you chance to learn about Pareto charts. They’re quick to construct in Excel and bring the 80 20 rule to life as it applies to your process features. Enjoy.

Tips for Effective Project Leadership

There are many challenging elements to project leadership, not least having a supportive organisation culture. Here are 3 technical tips to help you deliver on time and within budget.

Human Error Proofing

Making mistakes is a natural part of the occupational hazard of being human. However there are many well-established methods to help us to avoid making errors in the workplace. Here are just a few.

Data Analysis – 2

Histograms – an introduction to graphing the distribution shape and spread of your data, using Excel.

Lean Literature

Seeing is believing, and reading deepens our understanding. Here are a selection of books that I recommend you read, if you wish to broaden and deepen your knowledge of lean.

Data Analysis – 1 : Run Charts

A picture paints a thousand words. In this video we introduce the run chart – a simple graphical representation of process observations. Enjoy!

Six Sigma Exam Tips

Six sigma certification is highly desirable in today’s job market. If you’re planning on completing a Six Sigma Certification course, here are some essential tips to help you prepare for the examination.

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

Richard Doyle had the opportunity to speak at the National Engineering Summit, Dublin 2018, on the topic of measurement system analysis and was asked to provide a video summary by the summit communications team.

Toyota Best Practice Visits

Seeing is believing and nowhere is that more true than on a best practice site visit. In the UK, Toyota opens their doors from April to November to allow visitors to see what they do. This initiative by the motor industry giant allows businesses and individuals to learn about their operations, company culture, and the famous Toyota Production System (TPS).

Role of the black belt

Hiring a Black Belt for your organisation, even on a part-time basis, can provide huge opportunities for your business to deliver higher value to your customers at a lower cost to yourself. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to see.

Supply chain risk analysis February 2019

NVTV Belfast interview with Bernie Rushe about threats to supply chains, including Brexit, and what solutions we can put in place.