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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

The certified lean six sigma black belt is a professional who is well versed in the lean six sigma methodology, who leads improvement projects, typically in a full-time role. A lean six sigma black belt possesses a thorough understanding of all aspects within the phases of D-M-A-I-C six sigma 5-step project management methodology. He understands how to interpret and implement six sigma tools, and how to use lean principles and practices. Lean Ireland has a team of experienced certified lean six sigma black belts available to serve your continuous improvement needs.

The black belt is trained in advanced project management and statistical analysis tools. He is expected to contribute between €250K and €1M to the company’s operating profit each year by undertaking process improvement projects that lead to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Why use contract Black Belt support?

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Employing contract project managers has become popular for every employer type, ranging from multinationals to SMEs and even start-ups. One of the reasons why it’s beneficial for companies to employ out contractors to work on specific projects is the specialised expertise then they can bring to a role. They can also adapt quickly to the organisation processes and culture, and deliver measured value on  a quick return basis.

The contract project manager service compliments existing operational excellence department resources, or can act as a stand-alone professional support to the management team and process improvement teams on site.

The advantages to the site are many, and include:

  1. A senior experienced project manager, available to assist as required;
  2. Access to a wide and deep knowledge store of programme management approaches, and lean six sigma data analysis and problem-solving tools;
  3. The support of a professional who is senior enough to influence management thinking, without having the natural hesitation that might inhibit a more junior permanent employee;
  4. Use of support days in line with the organisation’s needs, and
  5. The freedom to wind-up the contract if it becomes opportune for the organization to become reliant on internal black belt capabilities.

Black Belt Duties

Our experienced team of lean six sigma black belts have contributed in a variety of environments, from pharmaceutical manufacturing, to hospital wards, to financial institutions. Their duties have varied from organisation to organisation. We are flexible to meet your needs. Duties may include the following, in consultation with the management team and others:

  • Development and maintenance of the continuous improvement roadmap;
  • Project selection and team selection;
  • Project management, team mentoring and individual team member mentoring;
  • Assisting with yellow belt certification and green belt certification programme development;
  • Process problem solving with teams in manufacturing, laboratory, warehouse and office areas;
  • Data analysis and report writing, with recommendations, and

If required, the black belt will also facilitate formal learning workshops, on tools and techniques across the lean six sigma curriculum. The black belt may also facilitate yellow belt certification and green belt certification programmes.

Support Days & Duration

The range of support days provided by the contract lean six sigma black belt is tailored to your needs. Support varies typically, from 3 days per month to full time 20 days per month. The duration of the contract project manager ranges from a short term few weeks, to longer term permanent part-time support.

The organisation may be eligible for IDA or Enterprise Ireland lean funding, under the Lean Business Offer suite of programmes. Talk to us about it today.

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