March 25, 2018

Effective networking at learning events

With the wide range of Operational Excellence seminars and conferences available in Ireland at the moment, there little excuse for not understanding continuous improvement best practice. This 9 minute video provides great guidance for the…

March 12, 2018

Lean Six Sigma skills in demand in the Irish Jobs Market

A quick trawl of the website, using the search strings ‘lean’ and ‘six sigma’, for all jobs in all locations, yielded 463 and 255 hits, respectively. See Organisations in Ireland, across all sectors, are obviously…

March 2, 2018

Tech Tip: Hypothesis testing

Have I made a difference? Often our perception deceives us when eager to identify change! Click on the title link to check out this Khan Academy video on identifying process changes with statistical confidence

February 23, 2018

Improving packaging quality in Medical Device

At the Boston Scientific Costa Rica facility, packaging engineer Daniel Calvo Camacho led an effort to streamline packaging for guidewires, with the introduction of a new, smaller plastic pouch. Data collection and analysis was critical…

February 15, 2018

Tech Tip: Pareto Charting

Little did Pareto know how useful his chart would become to problem solvers. See how to construct a Pareto chart in Excel by clicking on the link  

February 13, 2018

National Engineers’ Week: 24th February – 2nd March 2018

Engineers Week is a week-long festival of nationwide events celebrating the world of engineering in Ireland. The annual event is coordinated on a national basis by Engineers Ireland’s STEPS programme -funded under Science Foundation Ireland’s…

January 30, 2018

Ireland’s competitiveness: IDA year end results 2017

IDA Ireland client companies employ 210,443 people in Ireland. On January 5th last the IDA published its 2017 End of Year results. Click on the link to view the video

January 9, 2018

Workplace visualisation: Online course with Gemba Academy

To see this simple series of well-illustrated videos on workplace visual management, click here.

December 15, 2017

Non-Normal Data

What if your data is not normal? Click here for Minitab guidelines on identifying your data distribution. Contact us for a full set of guidelines on how to manage process capability with non normal data, for…

November 30, 2017

Case Study: How Crayola developed the perfect crayon

Ever wonder just how companies use statistical software to complement their improvement programmes? Look no further. This case study from Crayola contains a wealth of learning opportunity. Click on the title link to access.