September 15, 2018

Innovation That Delights

Every so often we come across a fun and innovative way of marketing a highly practical product. This little 2-minute video says it all. It doesn’t answer the question why so many of our industrial…

August 27, 2018

Creating a two axis chart in Excel

This useful 6-minute video shows how to create combo charts in Excel, where two different Y axis values are used. Enjoy!

August 24, 2018

Why Ireland is tops for Software Companies

The following little infographic provides a history of the arrival of software companies to Ireland and the reasons for choosing Ireland. Click HERE to view.

August 22, 2018

Lean Sigma Quality at IT Sligo

For those of us who cannot travel to public workshops, IT Sligo’s MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), takes the form of a free, six-week online course in Lean Sigma Quality. The MOOC runs from October…

July 29, 2018

Error Proofing / Poka Yoke Device

The AIAG comprehensive manual is the definitive guide to achieving a “zero error” culture in manufacturing processes. Customers’ satisfaction will soar, and your profits should increase as well. Click HERE for further details.

July 27, 2018

Lean Restaurant Management

Here’s a 15-minute video that takes us a long way from high volume manufacturing! The owner of this Co. Galway restaurant, The Gallery Cafe in Gort, exemplifies lean practice in many ways e.g. sourcing from local…

July 24, 2018

How secure is your Supply Chain? (July 2018)

Can you guarantee security of supply to your customers? Do you even know the risks to your supply chain security? The following article by Mark Trowbridge provides a four-pronged approach to risk identification and mitigation.…

May 19, 2018

Two Day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training – June 2018 (Athlone)

On this 2-day workshop Yellow Belt candidates will learn basic process problem solving, teamwork and statistical analysis techniques. They will then be able to work in collaborative teams to problem solve, improve processes, and to support Green…

April 7, 2018

Lean Immersion Workshop – 03rd May 2018 (Athlone)

Ever wonder how lean applies in your environment? This one-day workshop provides attendees with a complete immersion in lean manufacturing practices. Attendees will learn, through role play and practical exercises, how lean enables superior customer…

April 2, 2018

Engineers Ireland annual conference: 13th April 2018 (Limerick)

Engineers Ireland Annual Conference 2018 will take place on Friday, 13th April 2018 in The Strand Hotel, Limerick. The conference speakers will present on the topic of ‘Engineering a Region’ under three distinct sub-themes: Industry…