Continuous Flow manufacturing – The Future of Pharmaceuticals? Definitely!

The Future of Pharmaceuticals?

Yesterdays’  ISPE Ireland seminar on ‘Continuous Manufacturing-The Future of Pharmaceuticals?’ at Fota Island Resort in Cork gave some food for thought to the sold-out audience. A panel of eminent speakers from Ely Lilly, Pfizer and GSK, amongst others, provided evidence of the extraordinary (by extraordinary I mean gob smackingly awesome) benefits of the routes they have taken towards CFM. Words like flexible, agile, pods, modular were sprinkled throughout the presentations. Take a look at what the future holds by clicking this link – Pfizer’s present & future in CFM

As a lean evangelist, with a background in the obligatory continuous process monitoring of the ICT sector, I was in my element.  Change to CFM will have implications for site footprint, asset management, technology transfer, yield and productivity, quality including wet chemistry, the wider supply chain including distribution, employment and desired skillsets, and above all, the resulting  cost of manufacture.

A small minority of the sold-out audience may have left shaking their heads and thinking ‘not in my lifetime’, however most left like the Magi after visiting Bethlehem ‘no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation’. Many thanks to the ISPE organisers for a job very well done.

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