Lean Six Sigma Case Studies

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Lean Supply Chain Implementation

Client Sector : Pharmaceutical manufacture

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Objective: The objective of this engagement was to develop a project plan for the implementation of a pull replenishment system in the client’s supply chain, resulting in increased flexibility whilst lowering costs.

Process: The Cordatus (now trading as Lean Ireland) consultant, who had already been engaged in several consulting and training  activities on site, surveyed the client’s supply chain, estimated the benefits of pull system  implementation  (in terms of increased customer service,  reduced inventory holding costs and reduced product  obsolescence in the field).

This feasibility study was presented by the consultant to the management team in manufacturing  and distribution and approval to proceed with the plan was granted. The client subsequently appointed  a full time internal project manager to oversee implementation of the plan. 

Results: The result has been a decrease in product commit/shipment cycle times from 40-60 days to less than 20 days, and subsequent reduction in finished goods inventory holding in the field, and reduction in associated costs. This was accomplished whilst increasing the level of customer service, and increasing the sales team’s confidence in the plant’s ability to deliver.

Organisation Development & Six Sigma Process Improvement

Client Sector: Financial Services

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Objective: The objective of this engagement was to root cause and fix process failures in a department of circa 30 personnel whose work involved provision of services, according to predefined deadlines, to an external customer organisation.

Process: The Cordatus (now trading as Lean Ireland) consultant, who had already been engaged in several consulting and training activities  on site, surveyed the client’s department structure and process mapped key processes with client teams.

The process mapping activity, together with team based cause and effects analysis, enabled identification of the root cause of departmental issues. Plans put in place to fix both process and personnel issues. 

Results: The results included a restructuring of the department and implementation of revised process steps to ensure externally imposed deadlines were met.  Customer satisfaction increased and the credibility of the department in meeting deadlines was restored.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Training

Client Sector: Pharmaceutical Manufacture

Objective: The objective of this engagement was to enable the client to continue the lean six sigma journey successfully, by training
and certifying a number of in house candidates to lean six sigma green belt and black belt level.

The 8 day green belt, and 20 day black belt course have been supplemented with project mentoring by consultants, where requested. Certification involved an in house certification review for green belts, and an internationally recognised IQF certification for black belts. 

Results: The results include development of a pool of 90 or so highly motivated and qualified lean six sigma personnel, savings of several $ millions operational costs due to process improvements, improved regulatory compliance and additional new product investment by the corporate parent.

Using Data to Prove the Benefits of Software Automation Application

Client sector: Air Cargo Handling

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Objective: The objective of this engagement was to identify the extent to which the implementation of an internally developed software application package would improve cargo processing at an airport cargo handling depot.

Measurement and graphing techniques used included control charts, data distributions, and process capability analysis. The data was summarised and presented verbally and in report format.

Results: The resulting report was used by depot management to further promote the software application package in the air cargo handling sector.