Quick changeover (SMED) – 27th October 2021

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What is this course about?

Developed by Shigeo Shingo, consultant with the Toyota Motor Company, SMED is a method for reducing waste in a manufacturing process. SMED provides guidelines for reducing the time to tear down and set up a machine, necessary steps to convert from manufacturing the current product to running the next product. SMED is also used for shortening clean down and line clearance times. SMED or quick changeover is key to increasing available production time, reducing production lot sizes and thereby improving flow.

This online course enables you to identify and implement improvements to the set-up/changeover process on a machine. Participants will learn how through run a full SMED exercise using appropriate lean tools such as video, process mapping, spaghetti mapping, error proofing and standard work. The course is facilitated over five online live webinars, and involves interactive exercises, quizzes and assignments. Ideally, you will commence a SMED exercise on site at the start of the course, and report on SMED success as an assignment following course completion.

This online course is facilitated over 5 webinars, each of 2 hours duration. The content can be tailored to suit your organization, with relevant case studies, quizzes and data sets for assignments.

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What Will You Achieve?

At the end of this series of online workshops, you will:

  • understand the definition of changeover time and how it is measured;
  • know how to use a range of lean tools to reduce changeover time;
  • know how to establish a robust and standard set-up and changeover process on a specific machine;
  • have the ability and confidence to project manage a SMED event, and
  • have the ability and confidence to further improve and refine the machine changeover process on an ongoing basis.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

Introductions, Lean principles and the 7 wastes

Introduction to SMED, video review & discussion, external and internal activities

Gemba walk and review of potential SMED application at the machine

Documenting the current state: video, process map & spaghetti map

Establishing current SMED performance:

  • Review of video taken of SMED
  • Review of measurements
  • Time chart

Brainstorming of process problems

  • Time stealers during set up
  • Time stealers during clean down
  • Production stops

Categorizing external & internal activities:

  • Identifying hazards
  • Identifying redundancy

Identifying complexity Improving the process & brainstorming of ideas

  • Error proofing
  • Tool location
  • Shadow boards


Control plan:

  • SPC charts
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Control plan:

Total productive maintenance (TPM)

Success and sharing the knowledge:

  • Closing review with team, action items & responsibilities
  • Closing review with managers
  • Celebrating success
  • Deploying the methodology
  • Establishing a successful SMED programme

How Will You Be Supported?

During this online course, you will be able to

  1. Listen to and interact with the online course tutor and other participants;
  2. Ask questions and complete online quizzes to self-assess your understanding of the topic;
  3. Download all online course recorded webinars for your own future use, and
  4. Download soft copy presentation files, with data sets and case studies, for your own future use.

Total contact hours = 9 hours for all 3 webinars. In addition to the contact hours on webinars, participants will be required to work on assignments between modules. On completion, you will receive a Lean Ireland certificate of completion.

The webinars will be hosted on the learning platform Moodle, the world’s most popular online learning management system. In advance of course commencement, participants will be required to access and download Moodle. This is included in the course fee.



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