Process Analysis & Control using Minitab – 8th November 2021

  • Hearing, seeing, doing
  • Short 3-hour webinars
  • Exercises with tutor support
  • Recordings available to all participants
Live Online Interactive Video Tutorials
Downloadable Presentations & Data Files
180 minutes per webinar
Continuous Assessment

What is this course about?

This Minitab online course aims to give you a solid grounding in data collection, graphing and basic analysis techniques. You will be introduced to the Minitab statistical software application, and will learn when and where to use analysis techniques in order to aid decision making. Subjects covered include data collection, descriptive statistics, data graphing to highlight process behaviour, and statistical process control (SPC). It will enable you to develop standards with regards to data collection, analysis and reporting appropriate for your processes.

There are 4 live hosted webinars of 3 hours each. Recordings of all webinars are available to enrolled participants. In addition to presentation material, the course content contains case studies, quizzes and data sets for assignments.

The course is hosted by the First Polymer Skillnet in Athlone Co. Westmeath, and facilitated by a Lean Ireland tutor.

Design of Experiments DOE online course

Lean Ireland has been a partner consultant with Minitab for almost 2 decades and we are a recognised silver level consultant with the Minitab organisation. Our course tutors are certified lean six sigma black belts with several years’ experience in facilitating statistical analysis on projects and in a classroom environment, in a wide variety of sectors.

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What Will You Achieve?

At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand data types and the importance of appropriate data collection methods;
  • Understand the importance of validating measurement systems;
  • Understand how to assess the statistical influence one or more input variables may have on an output variable;
  • Understand when and where each statistical tool is best applied, and
  • Be able to use Minitab as an everyday tool in support of data analysis and control.

In addition, you will know how to use of a broad range of graphical and statistical tools, each of which adds value to the understanding of process performance. This knowledge will enable you to approach process observation and analysis with confidence, and to present facts with graphs and data to support your findings.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

  • Introductions
  • Data types & data collection, Introduction to Minitab, Worksheets & displays, menu features, importing and saving files, data sets & interactive exercises
  • Introduction to measurement systems analysis (MSA)
  • Graphing techniques: run, Pareto, box plot
  • Layout tool & exporting graphs
  • Assignment
  • Assignment review & quiz
  • Introduction to descriptive statistics
  • Measures of location – mean mode & median, data sets & interactive exercises
  • Measures of spread – range, standard deviation & variance
  • Properties of the normal distribution, Z scores and prediction, other common data distributions
  • Assignment
  • Assignment review
  • Scatter plots & simple linear regression, the regression equation, measuring the strength of the relationship, the residuals patterns
  • Correlation, causation & prediction, confidence intervals & prediction intervals
  • Assignment
  • Assignment review
  • Multivari analysis
  • Process observation and sampling plans, control vs. capability, calculating control limits, statistical process control for individuals
  • Statistical process control for samples, out-of-control conditions, control plans
  • Statistical process control for attribute data.
  • Minitab Assistant, review of course contents and troubleshooting participant process problems.
  • Final review and close

Course Video Overview

How Will You Be Supported?

On this series of online lean courses you will

  • be able to listen to and interact with the online course tutor and other participants;
  • be able to ask questions and complete online quizzes to self-assess your understanding of the topic;
  • be able to download all online lean course recorded webinars for your own future use, and
  • be able to download soft copy presentation files, with data sets and case studies, for your own future use

Total contact hours = 12 hours for all 4 webinars. On completion of each module, you will receive a soft copy Lean Ireland certificate of completion.

The webinars will be hosted on the world’s most popular learning management system, Moodle. In advance of course commencement, participants will be required to access and download Moodle. It is free of charge.

If you’d like to book a customized course for your own organization, it can be hosted on any other suitable platform you prefer e.g. Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Meet Your Tutors

Lean six sigma training courses online
Bernie Rushe

Welcome to Lean Ireland’s online course pages and I look forward to supporting you on your learning journey. I’m here to help you to do what you already know better, and to learn how to do new things. Please feel free to free to contact me about course content.

I have been involved in the management of supply chain and business process improvement activities for over 20 years. After training as a lean six sigma black belt at Dell Computer Corporation, I left in 2001 to establish Cordatus Consulting, trading as Lean Ireland since May 2018. My lean six sigma consulting engagements with clients and practical workshops have yielded benefits in the order of several €millions per year to client companies. I enjoy deploying lean six sigma throughout the supply chain.

I am a science graduate, a certified ASQ lean six sigma black belt and hold a a first class honours masters’ degree in supply chain management.

Lean six sigma training online courses
Richard Doyle

Working with Lean Ireland gives me the opportunity to share my engineering skills and knowledge with a wide variety of people. I enjoy explaining technical issues to non technical people. It will be a pleasure to enable you to learn new skills.

I have 20+ years engineering and operations management experience, with organisations such as Seagate and General Electric, in Europe and Asia. As a consultant, I add value in the areas of strategic planning, R&D roadmap development, transfer of work, site level capital management and capital strategy skills, equipment installation, commissioning and production release, and productivity improvement. I am an experienced and motivational project leader, mentor and trainer.

I am a Chemical Engineering graduate and a GE certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Master, and I am a GE certified Six Sigma trainer.



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