Design of Experiments (DOE) online course – 11th October 2021

  • Interactive live webinars
  • Simulation exercises and assignments
  • Analysis of DOE actual case studies
  • Recording available to all participants
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What is this course about?

Design of Experiments (DOE) is an approach to process design and analysis that identifies which input factors in a process (e.g. temp, pressure, time, altitude, colour, material type) have most influence on the process outputs. DOE enables the selection of optimal settings for these inputs in order to optimize process outputs. This series of five interactive 120 minute workshops introduces DOE to development chemists, engineers, managers, and technicians. The focus is on the practical application of this essential product and process development tool.

The course is hosted by the First Polymer Skillnet in Athlone Co. Westmeath, and facilitated by a Lean Ireland tutor.

Design of Experiments DOE online course

The course covers factor selection, experiment design and execution, and visual statistical analysis and on how modern DOE software packages (e.g. Minitab) can help. In addition to an online simulation tool, detailed case studies and interactive Q&A are used to deepen student learning.

Each of the first 5 webinars lasts 3 hours, with a 10-minute break in the middle. The final webinar of the course is an all-day live streamed DOE on a injection moulding machine.

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What Will You Achieve?

On completion of this course, you will understand:

  • The need for good experiment design
  • How to select relevant factors (process inputs) for DOE
  • How to structure selection of tests to run, to minimise the amount of testing needed
  • How to design and run an experiment
  • How to graph and analyse DOE results
  • How to bring about a significant sustainable process improvement, based on scientific understanding of influencing process inputs.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

This introductory module reviews the significance of a robust measurement systems before embarking on DOE. Students receive a grounding in Minitab software and learn how to use graphical techniques that that assist with understanding processes as part of the DOE planning effort. The webinar also include a introduction to full factorial designed experiments. Selecting relevant factors is a critical input to an effective experiment. A simulation exercise will enables us to design and run a simple 3 factor, 2 level experiment. Accuracy in data recording of results is critical to the outputs reviewed in the following module. 

  • Introductions
  • Introduction to Minitab
  • Measurement systems analysis (MSA)
  • Pre experimental techniques: main effects and regression analysis
  • Introduction to DOE
  • Designing a simple full factorial experiment
  • Factor selection
  • Corner points in DPE design
  • Centrepoints
  • Quiz
  • Running a simple experiment – Catapult simulation

In this webinar we will continue our review the DOE graphical outputs provided by Minitab they are derived from the statistical ANOVA analysis. We review statistical results from the simulated experiment conducted in the first webinar. Correct interpretation of the outputs enables us to accept or reject the findings of the experiment and to modify our experimental design if required.  Participants will use a Mug’s Guide, such that the origins of the Minitab displays can be understood. 

  • Analysing and experiment graphically
  • Statistical analysis of DOE experiments
  • A mug’s guide to DOE ANOVA analysis
  • Assignment 1 of 2: multiple choice questions
  • Quiz
  • Q&A

A fractional design is a design in which experimenters conduct only a selected subset or “fraction” of the runs in the full factorial design. Fractional factorial designs are a good choice when resources are limited or the number of factors in the design is large because they use fewer runs than the full factorial designs.

  • Blocking
  • Fractional factorial DOE
  • Aliasing in DOE
  • Resolution III & IV experiments
  • Contour plots
  • Dealing with curvature
  • Assignment 2 of 2:  Fractional factorial DOE case study, using an online simulation tool
  • Quiz
  • Q&A

This all-day live streamed webinar runs through a DOE on an injection moulding machine with students. The tutor will discuss materials, machines and methods, factors selection, running the DOE, analysing results and modifying machine settings. Students have ample opportunity to contribute suggestions and ask questions.


Taking a break from the live stream we review the theory associated with experiments where multiple responses need to be optimised.  We also review response surface methodology, a technique for dealing with curvature in the response. 

  • Multiple response DOE
  • Evolutionary operations (EVOP)
  • Response surface methodology (RSM)

    The live stream will then continue up to approximately 5:00pm.

    How Will You Be Supported?

    During this online course, you will

    1. be able to listen to and interact with the online course tutor and other participants;
    2. be able to ask questions and complete online quizzes to self-assess your understanding of the topic;
    3. be able to participate in DOE simulation exercise online and complete assignments on same;
    4. be able to download all online course recorded webinars for your own future use, and
    5. be able to download soft copy presentation files, with data sets and case studies, for your own future use.

    The webinars will be hosted on the world’s most popular learning platform Moodle. In advance of course commencement, participants will be required to access and download Moodle. It is free of charge.

    Total contact hours = 16 hours for all 8 webinars. In addition to the contact hours on webinars, participants are required to work on small assignments between modules. On completion, you will receive a Lean Ireland certificate of completion.


    Meet Your Tutors

    Lean six sigma training courses online
    Bernie Rushe

    Welcome to Lean Ireland’s online course pages and I look forward to supporting you on your learning journey. I’m here to help you to do what you already know better, and to learn how to do new things. Please feel free to free to contact me about course content.

    I have been involved in the management of supply chain and business process improvement activities for over 20 years. After training as a lean six sigma black belt at Dell Computer Corporation, I left in 2001 to establish Cordatus Consulting, trading as Lean Ireland since May 2018. My lean six sigma consulting engagements with clients and practical workshops have yielded benefits in the order of several €millions per year to client companies. I enjoy deploying lean six sigma throughout the supply chain.

    I am a science graduate, a certified ASQ lean six sigma black belt and hold a a first class honours masters’ degree in supply chain management.

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    Richard Doyle

    Working with Lean Ireland gives me the opportunity to share my engineering skills and knowledge with a wide variety of people. I enjoy explaining technical issues to non technical people. It will be a pleasure to enable you to learn new skills.

    I have 20+ years engineering and operations management experience, with organisations such as Seagate and General Electric, in Europe and Asia. As a consultant, I add value in the areas of strategic planning, R&D roadmap development, transfer of work, site level capital management and capital strategy skills, equipment installation, commissioning and production release, and productivity improvement. I am an experienced and motivational project leader, mentor and trainer.

    I am a Chemical Engineering graduate and a GE certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Master, and I am a GE certified Six Sigma trainer.



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