Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt online course – 18th January 2022

  • Interactive live webinars
  • Continuous assessment with project work & assignments
  • ISO 13053 standard certification
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What is this course about?

Green belts rock! On completion of this certified lean six sigma green belt course, you will be a more confident, capable and effective team leader and problem solver, than you ever thought possible. What’s more you’ll have the proof as your project will deliver significant benefits to your organization.

On this course you will learn that lean and six sigma are about teamwork, process and project management and customer service. GB projects are short-projects (c. 8 – 20 weeks) that result in customer satisfaction and cost savings or additional revenue for the organization. A Green Belt (GB) project leader is capable of leading a cross-functional team through a series of formal  problem solving steps to complete the project. On this course you will learn that lean and six sigma are about teamwork, process management and customer service.

The online green belt course is laid out in 8 separate four-hour webinars (each with a 10-minute break in the middle), giving a total of 32 contact hours. All  To facilitate learning-by-doing on projects, the modules are scheduled two per week, for eight weeks. Your knowledge builds in a step-wise fashion and you will be supported and encouraged throughout your learning journey. During the green belt online courseknowledge of the topics will be assessed by means of short continuous assessment online examinations. These assessments are completed within a specific time limit and are open book in nature. The final module comprises a project presentation by candidates.

Course presentation materials and all webinar recordings are available to you to download, so you can continue to be supported after the course is finished.

The course curriculum is run according to ISO13053-1 Quantitative methods in process improvement — Six Sigma — Part 1: DMAIC methodology, guidelines with additional lean content.

Before the course starts, you will select a project on which to work during the online green belt course. The course tutor will be happy to help with project selection and scope.

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What Will You Achieve?

On completion of the certified lean six sigma green belt online course, you will be able to

  • define customer needs for a selected process
  • understand the value of cross-functional teamwork
  • use a range of problem-solving techniques to improve process performance
  • be able to lead a cross-functional team through project steps that will resolve process problems
  • quantify business and financial benefits for the organisation and the customer, and
  • be primed to support other project teams in the execution of their projects

Your project will deliver significant benefits to your organization or your community, in terms of simplifying and standardizing processes.

Your customers will experience improved service levels.

When you attend the full course, complete all continuous assessment assignments, and present your improvement project, you will be awarded a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate. This certified lean six sigma green belt online course is designed and executed in compliance with international standard ISO 13053. Quantitative methods in process improvement — Six Sigma — Part 1: DMAIC methodology.  Candidates are assessed by means of continuous assessment examinations and presentation of a completed project. The certifying project is formally evaluated by a Lean Ireland six sigma black belt. The green belt certificate is awarded by Lean Ireland.

The green belt certificate is a significant achievement and enhances your curriculum vitae.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

  • Introductions
  • GB course curriculum
  • Certification process
  • Projects review
  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • DMAIC project management
  • Team roles
  • The 7 wastes
  • Gemba walk
  • Problem definition
  • Goal setting
  • Team management
  • Assignment schedule
  • A3 update
  • Voice of the customer
  • Project scheduling
  • Project cost benefit analysis
  • Spaghetti mapping
  • SIPOC flowchart
  • Swimlane process map
  • Assignment 1 of 4
  • A3 update
  • DMAIC stage gate review
  • Scope management
  • Sponsor feedback
  • Data types & data collection
  • Process performance measurement
  • Introduction to Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Data charting: run charts, Pareto
    charts, box plots, histograms
  • A3 update
  • Assignment 1 review
  • Descriptive statistics: measures of location
  • Descriptive statistics: measures of variation
  • The normal distribution
  • Z table, Z scores & prediction
  • Assignment 2
  • A3 update
  • 5 whys
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • Correlation & regression
  • Process capability analysis
  • A3 update
  • Assignment 2 review
  • Developing an improvement plan
  • Failure modes & effects analysis (FMEA)
  • 5S workplace organisation
  • Error proofing (poka yoke)
  • Quick changeover (SMED)
  • A3 Project review
  • Assignment 3
  • Assignment 3 review
  • Leader standard work
  • Operator standard work
  • Piloting improvements
  • Statistical process control (SPC) – Variable data
  • Statistical process control (SPC) – attribute data
  • A3 update
  • Training personnel & updating
  • Control plans
  • Post implementation review
  • Rewarding the team
  • Certification process & timing
  • A3 update
  • Assignment 4 of 4

Course Video Overview

A brief 1m08s overview of the lean six sigma certified green belt online course

How Will You Be Supported?

During this online course, you will

  1. be able to listen to and interact with the online course tutor and other participants
  2. be able to ask questions and complete online quizzes to self-assess your understanding of the topic
  3. be able to download all online lean course recorded webinars for your own future use, and
  4. be able to download soft copy presentation files, with data sets and case studies, for your own future use

Total contact hours = 16 hours for all 8 webinars. In addition to the contact hours on webinars, participants will be required to work on small assignments between modules and a project.

The webinars will be hosted on the world’s most popular learning management system, Moodle. In advance of course commencement, participants will be required to access and download Moodle. It is free of charge.

Meet Your Tutors

Lean six sigma training courses online
Bernie Rushe

Welcome to Lean Ireland’s online course pages and I look forward to supporting you on your learning journey. I’m here to help you to do what you already know better, and to learn how to do new things. Please feel free to free to contact me about course content.

I have been involved in the management of supply chain and business process improvement activities for over 20 years. After training as a lean six sigma black belt at Dell Computer Corporation, I left in 2001 to establish Cordatus Consulting, trading as Lean Ireland since May 2018. My lean six sigma consulting engagements with clients and practical workshops have yielded benefits in the order of several €millions per year to client companies. I enjoy deploying lean six sigma throughout the supply chain.

I am a science graduate, a certified ASQ lean six sigma black belt and hold a a first class honours masters’ degree in supply chain management.

Lean six sigma training online courses
Richard Doyle

Working with Lean Ireland gives me the opportunity to share my engineering skills and knowledge with a wide variety of people. I enjoy explaining technical issues to non technical people. It will be a pleasure to enable you to learn new skills.

I have 20+ years engineering and operations management experience, with organisations such as Seagate and General Electric, in Europe and Asia. As a consultant, I add value in the areas of strategic planning, R&D roadmap development, transfer of work, site level capital management and capital strategy skills, equipment installation, commissioning and production release, and productivity improvement. I am an experienced and motivational project leader, mentor and trainer.

I am a Chemical Engineering graduate and a GE certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Master, and I am a GE certified Six Sigma trainer.



Membership and Accreditations

Memberships & Accreditations

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