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Design Thinking Ireland Conference: 25th June 2019 (Croke Park, Dublin)

At Design Thinking Ireland 2019 you will hear directly from McKinsey and learn how they tracked the design practices of 300 publicly listed companies over a five-year period in multiple countries and industries. One of the key findings of the research report is a strong correlation between high McKinsey Design Index scores and superior business performance.

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The IDA celebrate 70 years in Ireland

Last April, The American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland helped to celebrate the IDA’s 70 years in business by presenting the IDA with a Special Recognition Award. CEO Martin Shanahan received the award on behalf of the IDA.

I am sure we all join with AmCham in recognising this incredible organisation for a major contribution made to transforming Ireland into an inclusive home of talent and innovation with global impact.

Basic Descriptive Statistics (Tech Tip)

Confused about the exact meaning of measures of dispersion?

This video shows all you ever wanted to know about standard deviation, and were afraid to ask. Enjoy!