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Probability & Statistics – Free Kindle

CK-12’s Advanced Probability and Statistics – Second Edition is a clear presentation of the basic topics in statistics and probability, with lots of worked examples and questions. It is free! Click the link to download.

Lean Immersion – FPT Workshop (Nov 2018)

This highly interactive workshop introduces key lean concepts including team based problem solving, line balancing, takt time, push vs. pull systems, and replenishment kanbans. Participants are challenged to work as a team in order to improve customer satisfaction, and bring a loss-making plant to profitability. To see the agenda and book please click this link.

IRDG Leading Innovation For Business Growth (Oct 2018)

Business professionals from all backgrounds are invited to attend this national event which will connect people from diverse industry sectors – all focused on growing their businesses through innovation. One of the keynote speakers, Holly O’Driscoll, Innovation Strategist and Global Design Thinking Leader with Proctor & Gamble USA, will talk about the importance of being shamelessly human-centred in all that we do. To review the conference speakers and make a booking please click on this link.