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Using Lean Six Sigma To Reduce Emergency Waiting Times

The lean six sigma approach to improving customer service and reducing variation can apply equally to manufacturing processes (e.g. in automotive and chemical plants), service process (e.g. in finance and insurance corporations) and healthcare processes (e.g. in hospitals and nursing homes).

This case study supplied by Minitab provides an overview of a successful project that reduced dramatically the waiting times in an emergency care facility.

Click HERE to read and enjoy.

Tech tip: Design of Experiments

Want to learn how to identify and optimise key inputs? This 15-minute video shows how DOE can be used to assist the validation of an adhesive bond process in medical device manufacture.

5S in the Office

The paperless office is a myth…….or is it? The intrepid people in The Gemba Academy have recently published series of 5S video for the office. You may not learn how to get rid of paper, but you’ll certainly learn how to store less of it, file it and retrieve it more easily. For details, please click here.