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Using Lean Six Sigma To Reduce Emergency Waiting Times

The lean six sigma approach to improving customer service and reducing variation can apply equally to manufacturing processes (e.g. in...
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Tech tip: Design of Experiments

Want to learn how to identify and optimise key inputs? This 15-minute video shows how DOE can be used to...
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Toyota UK visit with Enterprise Ireland: 26th & 27th November 2019

Enterprise Ireland has been offered access to the Toyota Engine Manufacturing Plant in Deeside, North Wales. This will consist of two-day lean workshop/interaction...
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5S in the Office

The paperless office is a myth.......or is it? The intrepid people in The Gemba Academy have recently published series of...
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SPC for Excel version 6 is now available

In June 2019, the developers of the Excel add-on ‘SPC for Excel’ announced the launch of version 6. Click on...
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Leading Innovation – IRDG National Conference, Kilkenny: 22nd October 2019

We’ll hear from executive coach and keynote Barry O’Reilly as he breaks down a transformative framework that shows leaders how...
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Best practice visit to Boston Scientific, Galway: 23rd October 2019

The pioneer of lean best practice visits in Ireland, the ICBE, is organising a visit that is open to members...
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Tech tip: Run Charts

A picture paints a thousand words. In this video we introduce the run chart - a simple graphical representation of...
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Deliver on time – or else!

As a customer of Amazon’s Prime service, that guarantees delivery within 1, 2 or 3 days, I am fascinated by...
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Minitab launches version 19

In early June 2019, Minitab announced the launch of Minitab, version 19 and it is now available to download. Some...
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Design Thinking Ireland Conference: 25th June 2019 (Croke Park, Dublin)

At Design Thinking Ireland 2019 you will hear directly from McKinsey and learn how they tracked the design practices of...
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The IDA celebrate 70 years in Ireland

Last April, The American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland helped to celebrate the IDA's 70 years in business by presenting...
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Basic Descriptive Statistics (Tech Tip)

Confused about the exact meaning of measures of dispersion? This video shows all you ever wanted to know about standard...
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Enterprise Ireland Agile Innovation fund: Regional events (May/June 2019)

Enterprise Ireland's R&D Core Unit is hosting a number of regional events on the new Agile Innovation, Research and Development funding...
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Critical Checks for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare (Tech Tip)

Is your data reliable enough to identify the root cause of impurities? Register now for this Minitab webinar on Thursday...
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Lean Immersion at FastCap (Tech Tip)

'Lean is simple and fun' so says Paul Akers who, with his wife Leanne, has built FastCap from their garage into a multi-million dollar...
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Yellow Belt Training: 9th and 10th May (Athlone)

This exciting 2-day interactive course offers participants the opportunity to complete yellow belt project as a team, while learning the...
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Short Run SPC Charts (Tech Tip)

Does your process have a low number of data values to trend? Short run charts provide a solution where you...
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Irish workers the most productive in the world

OECD figures suggest Republic leads way in labour productivity. Irish workers are now officially the most productive in the world,...
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European Lean Conference

For those of you interested in a European view of lean transformation why not attend Process Excellence & Business Transformation...
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Quick Changeover (SMED) Then and Now

Want to understand how innovation, teamwork and standard work contribute to quick changeover? Take a look at this brilliant little...
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Lean Immersion Workshop: 28th February 2019 (Athlone)

This one-day practical workshop introduces key lean concepts and practices. Participants work in teams to bring a loss-making company to profitability,...
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ANOVA gauge R&R on an Excel add-on

This short video provides guidelines on how to set up and analyse an ANOVA gauge R&R in the Excel add-on...
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Enterprise Ireland publishes 2018 Statement

Enterprise Ireland has published a statement on a very successful 2018. There are now 215K people employed in EI funded...
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Northern Ireland Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference (Feb 13th)

Subtitled 'Creating an Innovative Manufacturing & Supply Chain Ecosystem' this conference will exhibit new approaches and technology that have created...
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Probability & Statistics – Free Kindle

CK-12’s Advanced Probability and Statistics - Second Edition is a clear presentation of the basic topics in statistics and probability,...
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Lean Immersion – FPT Workshop (Nov 2018)

This highly interactive workshop introduces key lean concepts including team based problem solving, line balancing, takt time, push vs. pull systems,...
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IRDG Leading Innovation For Business Growth (Oct 2018)

Business professionals from all backgrounds are invited to attend this national event which will connect people from diverse industry sectors...
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Process capability Cpk or Ppk – What’s the difference?

This short article from Minitab provides a very good visual explanation of the differences between Cpk and Ppk. Wonder no...
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Enterprise Ireland Launches Operational Excellence Funding

If you are an SME employing more than 10 people, and have been trading profitably for more that 5 years, you...
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Innovation That Delights

Every so often we come across a fun and innovative way of marketing a highly practical product. This little 2-minute...
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Creating a two axis chart in Excel

This useful 6-minute video shows how to create combo charts in Excel, where two different Y axis values are used....
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Why Ireland is tops for Software Companies

The following little infographic provides a history of the arrival of software companies to Ireland and the reasons for choosing Ireland....
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Lean Sigma Quality at IT Sligo

For those of us who cannot travel to public workshops, IT Sligo’s MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), takes the form...
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Error Proofing / Poka Yoke Device

The AIAG comprehensive manual is the definitive guide to achieving a “zero error” culture in manufacturing processes. Customers' satisfaction will...
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Lean Restaurant Management

Here's a 15-minute video that takes us a long way from high volume manufacturing! The owner of this Co. Galway restaurant,...
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How secure is your Supply Chain? (July 2018)

Can you guarantee security of supply to your customers? Do you even know the risks to your supply chain security?...
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Two Day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training – June 2018 (Athlone)

On this 2-day workshop Yellow Belt candidates will learn basic process problem solving, teamwork and statistical analysis techniques. They will then be...
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Lean Immersion Workshop – 03rd May 2018 (Athlone)

Ever wonder how lean applies in your environment? This one-day workshop provides attendees with a complete immersion in lean manufacturing...
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Engineers Ireland annual conference: 13th April 2018 (Limerick)

Engineers Ireland Annual Conference 2018 will take place on Friday, 13th April 2018 in The Strand Hotel, Limerick. The conference...
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Effective networking at learning events

With the wide range of Operational Excellence seminars and conferences available in Ireland at the moment, there little excuse for...
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Lean Six Sigma skills in demand in the Irish Jobs Market

A quick trawl of the website, using the search strings 'lean' and ‘six sigma’, for all jobs in all locations, yielded...
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Tech Tip: Hypothesis testing

Have I made a difference? Often our perception deceives us when eager to identify change! Click on the title link to...
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Improving packaging quality in Medical Device

At the Boston Scientific Costa Rica facility, packaging engineer Daniel Calvo Camacho led an effort to streamline packaging for guidewires,...
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Tech Tip: Pareto Charting

Little did Pareto know how useful his chart would become to problem solvers. See how to construct a Pareto chart...
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National Engineers’ Week: 24th February – 2nd March 2018

Engineers Week is a week-long festival of nationwide events celebrating the world of engineering in Ireland. The annual event is...
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Ireland’s competitiveness: IDA year end results 2017

IDA Ireland client companies employ 210,443 people in Ireland. On January 5th last the IDA published its 2017 End of...
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Workplace visualisation: Online course with Gemba Academy

To see this simple series of well-illustrated videos on workplace visual management, click here.
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Non-Normal Data

What if your data is not normal? Click here for Minitab guidelines on identifying your data distribution. Contact us for a...
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Case Study: How Crayola developed the perfect crayon

Ever wonder just how companies use statistical software to complement their improvement programmes? Look no further. This case study from...
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SAS (JMP) data analytics forum Ireland 2017: 28th September 2017 (Dublin)

The SAS Ireland’s free flagship conference focuses on the future of analytics and gives you a unique insight into the...
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Future in Medtech Ireland 2017: 12th September 2017, Croke Park (Dublin)

Subtitled ‘Operational Excellence Driving a Sustainable MedTech Sector’ this event brings together senior-level executives and decision-makers from the Irish Medical...
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2017 Europe Biotechnology conference: 26th & 27th September 2017 (Dublin)

The Biopharmaceutical industry has made a capital investment of approximately $8 billion in new facilities in Ireland, most of which...
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SAS (JMP) data analytics forum Ireland: 28th September 2017 (Dublin)

The SAS Ireland’s free flagship conference focuses on the future of analytics and gives you a unique insight into the...
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Risk based process improvements: FMEA guidelines

The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) determines and maintains quality standards governing the automotive industry and its many layers of...
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Tech Tip: Minitab 18 has been launched

To register for a free webinar outlining the new features in Minitab18, or download a free trial.
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Enterprise Excellence Ireland: 31st May 2017 Croke Park (Dublin)

Enterprise Excellence Ireland 2017 will bring together over 400 Lean Managers from the Irish business community to openly discuss the implementation...
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Free tips for success at online examinations

On Friday 5th May last, I sat and passed the ASQ six sigma online black belt examination. Prior to sitting the...
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The impact of Lean on order entry

This neat little 5 min case study demonstrates very clearly the benefits of the lean approach in the office. Enjoy!
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JMP online seminar: 25th April 2017

Join JMP data experts Ian Cox and Robert Anderson for a complimentary seminar introducing statistical modelling and exploring how to...
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ISPE facility of the year (FOYA) 2017 – Abbott Longford

Congratulations to Abbott Longford, who were recently awarded ISPE facility of the year 2017. In 2012, the “Operational Excellence” project...
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Future in pharmaceuticals conference: 22nd February 2017 Croke Park (Dublin)

This year’s theme is energy efficiency in the Irish pharmaceutical, medical & chemical manufacturing sector. Attendees will include who are...
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How to change a culture: Lessons from the Toyota/GM collaboration 

In 1983 Toyota hired John Shook to head up its joint venture with General Motors, to be based in California....
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