Case Study 3: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Training


The client was undertaking a lean six sigma transformation journey and realized from the early stages that capability to sustain the programme was a key success factor. However, few of the 1,200 personnel on site had any formal training or qualification in lean six sigma.


The objective of this engagement was to enable the client to continue the lean six sigma journey successfully, by training and certifying a number of in house candidates to lean six sigma green belt and black belt level.

Training process

Over a period of six years or so Lean Ireland facilitated several training programmes at the client site. The curriculum for each certification level (yellow, green and black belt) was tailored to suit the client environment, whilst adhering to the core ISO 13053 curriculum guidelines. All workshops were interactive, involving a combination of video, PowerPoint and interactive exercises. All candidates had to complete an appropriately scoped project in order to certify.

The workshops were supplemented with project mentoring by consultants, where requested. Certification involved an in house certification review for yellow and green belts, and an internationally recognised IQF certification for black belts. 


(i) Development of a pool of 90 highly motivated and qualified lean six sigma personnel.

(ii) Savings of several $ millions operational costs due to process improvement projects.

(iii) Improved regulatory compliance.

(iv) Additional new product investment by the corporate parent.

(v) Since then many of the certified GBs and BBs have taken up senior positions in the company.