Case Study 2: Organisation Development & Six Sigma Process Improvement


The department of about 30 personnel was consistently failing to meet data submission deadlines set by the regulatory authority.


The objective of this engagement was to document current processes, identify risk of failure, root cause the risks and fix process failures.

Consulting process: 

The Lean Ireland consultant, who had already been engaged in several consulting and training activities  on site, surveyed the client’s department structure and process mapped key processes with client teams.

The process mapping activity, together with team based cause and effects analysis, enabled identification of the root cause of departmental issues. Plans put in place to fix both process and personnel issues.  


(i) A new process was implemented and standardised across the department.

(ii) A service progress tracker was put in places and performance guidelines established.

(iii) The department was restructured towards a more customer friendly cellular structure.

(iv) Customer satisfaction increased.

(v) The credibility of the department in meeting deadlines was restored.

(vi) The organisation avoided potential costly penalties arising from late submissions.