The future is not what it used to be!
So said Gerard O’Neill at the recent IRDG annual Design Thinking conference at Kilmainham Hospital Dublin on 2nd June 2016. Gerard was one of a panel of many world class, informative and entertaining, speakers on the day. We learnt of the application of  design thinking in many disciplines – from information systems design to movie making. Jeanne Liedtka from the Darden Business School at the University of Virginia, advised us that in a world of
Continuous Flow manufacturing – The Future of Pharmaceuticals? Definitely!
Yesterdays’  ISPE Ireland seminar on ‘Continuous Manufacturing-The Future of Pharmaceuticals?’ at Fota Island Resort in Cork gave some food for thought to the sold-out audience. A panel of eminent speakers from Ely Lilly, Pfizer and GSK, amongst others, provided evidence of the extraordinary (by extraordinary I mean gob smackingly awesome) benefits of the routes they have taken towards CFM. Words like flexible, agile, pods, modular were sprinkled throughout the presentations. Take a look at what
Why Competitiveness Matters
And still the dance goes on, as we await white smoke from Dail Eireann. Despite the dithering of politicians, the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) continues its good work. The NCC was established by government in 1997, and serves to advise the Taoiseach and the Government on key competitive issues facing the Irish economy. On March 31st last it published a brief and easily understood bulletin outlining the importance of ensuring that the foundations for sustainable
We try to focus on the customer more than on the competition
So says WalMart’s CEO Adi Ignatius, in a recent HBR interview. At $485.9 billion USD in 2016, WalMart is the world’s largest company by revenue. Adi, appointed as CEO in 2014, may just be worth listening to. See the full article here.