Examination Tips

Posted by Bernie Rushe on 11/04/2019

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Six Sigma Certification is important for those aspiring to advance their career in the quality management sector and who want to implement Six Sigma Methodologies in their organisation to make the projects successful. However the most daunting part of many of us doing such a course, is preparing ourselves both mentally and physically for the exam. Here are some essential tips we at Lean Ireland have put together for you…   PREPARTION Check out the exact location
Time and again when visiting prospective clients, we hear the refrain “We’re too busy at the moment to start a lean programme” or, just as likely “It’s not in this year’s training budget”. These responses are true, because personnel in every dynamic company, working in a challenging marketplace, will always be busy. But this is the problem – if you have process efficiency issues, you are busier than you need to be, addressing failure demand.

The role of the contract Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Posted by Bernie Rushe on 29/01/2019

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Black Belt The Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (BB) is a professional who is well versed in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, who leads improvement projects, typically in a full-time role. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt possesses a thorough understanding of all approaches and tools within the phases of lean six sigma project. They understand how to perform and interpret Six Sigma tools and how to use standard principles of Lean. A BB

Measure up or pay up!

Posted by Bernie Rushe on 16/01/2019

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History is littered with examples of bad decisions, made on bad measurement data, and their very expensive consequences. In 1999, NASA lost the Mars Orbiter, which was designed to study the Martian climate & atmosphere. It seems the engineering team used English units of measurement, whilst NASA used the metric system. NASA took a $125 million dollar hit on the lost in space Mars Climate Orbiter. We don’t need to travel to NASA to observe bad

Innovation Nation – How Ireland is rocking the Innovation vibe

Posted by Bernie Rushe on 30/09/2018

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The Star Trek transporter is my favourite invention of the future. What’s yours? Long renowned for our novelists and poets, Ireland ranks high in the nations of the world in terms of literary innovation. When it comes to business and technological innovation however, we’re a little shy of world class. In 2010 Ireland ranked 22nd in World Economic Forum (WEF) innovation rankings, behind countries like Austria, Belgium, Israel, and Canada. Belgium? Nope, me neither. USA,